What are my design options?

Good question! For edge-to-edge (E2E) quilting, I do computerized quilting, which means that I can stitch out any design that is available in a digital format that my machine can use. The cost of any E2E pattern is included in the cost of the quilting***

This means that you have 5000+ options (and counting!)

Where can I find my 5000+ options?

I highly recommend the E2E patterns on Urban Elementz as well as on Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.

Make sure that you are only looking at digital E2E options. E2E patterns are designed to connect across your quilt for an allover effect.

I can also use patterns from other sources besides the two that I recommend. If you’re not sure if it’s OK, just ask!

How dense will the quilting be?

I can make it whatever size you like! Digital designs are made so that you can adjust the size. I’ll send you a photos of a few options before I start quilting to make sure that it’s exactly the size that you expect.

What if I don’t want an E2E design?

Sounds great! That is considered custom quilting and I am certainly happy to work with you to make your vision a reality. Contact me and let’s discuss it!

***Unless you choose like a $100 E2E pattern or something. I don’t think any of those exist but, you know, gotta throw that out there I guess!